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Topdot's Lucky Queen of Hearts  'Queenie'
Born 9/18/1992 - 7/5/2005 

 Queenie was the first dog I ever bred.  I had shown her mother Skye at some puppy matches and she turned out to be a terrible show dog confirmation wise.  I had thought Queenie to be so much better than her mother.  She was going to be this puppy that came out of nowhere and took the world by storm.  I had been in dogs 1 ˝ years and mom Skye was unknowingly purchased from a back yard breeder.  Queenie and another girl Pinkie had always caught my eye.  After evaluating the litter with the stud dog owner's advice I kept Queenie.  At this time I was totally into open markings and Queenie had hand painted spots and some other really nice features.  Also a cute little huggable face.    

 She and mom were sleeping in back bed at about 7 weeks of age for Queenie.  Queenie was a one of a kind dog.  She so wanted to please me and seemed to do everything just right in my eyes.  She was one of those dogs who when she would jump up to be next to you she never directly jumped on you and never hurt you by landing on you.  She was very aware of people and space and was tender about were she landed her feet.  She had a high tolerance for pain and never complained much about anything.  She was "my" dog and seemed to totally understand me.  Her world and mine collided.  

 She had a lot of really not so great things -- she usually did not like other dogs (like her mother), and sometimes she did not like people.  She could sense when people feared her and would usually take that opportunity to "lightly" growl and lift her lip ever so slightly as if to say "I don't like you either". Not a very good trait in a dog when you are trying to do "good dog" breed specific promotion.   This behavior actually started when she was about two and ended when she was about 4 ˝.   It kept me on guard all her life as I was not so sure if she could totally be trusted.  When she was tired she could also be a bit grouchy, but so can I.  

 Queenie was my first "real" show dog.  I was such a novice I did not even know what I was doing.  I tried to learn by going to puppy matches and different people would give you great advice.  It was tough trying to figure out the sequence of events, paying attention to the judge, and still making sure your dog looked good, and doing everything at just right time.  I was a nervous wreck, and totally destroyed Queenie for the show ring because I was such a mess.  She ended up hating to show. 

 Although I never finished her and she had a quirky temperament for a time she was a dog I loved and will always love so dearly.  She touched my life and my sole in so many ways.  I could always count on her to be waiting by the door for me to get home or wake me up with a lick in the morning.  I hope to kiss her soft muzzle again some day.

CH Daisydot Breathless Mahoney 'Maddie' (L)
7/23/92  -  4/15/06

Maddie lived a wonderful 14 years and was owned and loved by Rich & Michelle Lujan & their children, and Carrie Jordan & Tom Harris.  Maddie was a great ambassador for our breed.  She was my first “real” introduction to a liver spotted Dal with her beautiful markings and rich, reddish brown liver color.  She ruled the roost at the Lujan household by keeping  her duffus son, Dusty, in line.  She will be greatly missed by the Lujan family, Tom, Carrie and especially Dusty. 

I was lucky enough to have been the breeder of Maddie’s first and only litter, and it was a major change in “My” breeding program.  Maddie was a wonderful, incredible mom and a great producer.  In her only litter she produced “Dusty”, Ch. Daisydot Dusty Miller (L), who was WD at DCSC/Best in Sweeps at multiple specialties, “Koko”, Ch. Daisydot Snow in Summer (L), who has won Best of breed at multiple specialties, and “Siren”, Ch. Daisydot Cool Crimson, who still to this day looks like a puppy.  The combination of Maddie and “Kiko", Ch. Saint Florians Alii Kikiko, produced wonderful show dogs, great temperaments, and commented by many breeders from across the country… beautiful free flowing sidegait.   

Maddie was Jack’s first dog greeter and friend when he arrived in CA at 4 months of age.  I have some cute pictures of them play battling paw for paw for a bone under a chair at Tom and Carole’s office.  She was a great Dalmatian and a great asset to “our” breeding program and has impacted pedigrees of top winning Dals including those in other countries.     

I’m sure Maddie happily greets many other great dogs, and great people at the rainbow bridge and is smiling and keeping a watchful eye out for all those who touched her life.  We will miss you Maddie!

Sired by “CH” Tuckaway Augusta “Augie”
and out of “CH” Daisydot Daphne of Dalwood “Tres”.

CH Daisydot Give Me a Break 'Kit-Kat'
8/6/02 - 2006


Champion Kit-Kat has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge all too early due to a tragic house-fire. Her outgoing, happy temperament and great behavior around children will be dearly missed.

On her way to becoming a champion she won a 5 point specialty supported major.   



BIS BISS CH Tuckway Winged Foot 'Jack'


CH Daisydot the Liver Wild 'Olive'



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