Previous Pups

Page one of our previous litters! These pups are sired by 'JACK'!


BIS BISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot x CH Daisydot The Liver Wild

Our Jack X Olive pups were born on 12/8/1998. The theme of this litter was cars so most of the pup's have names that are care related. We had 10 pups. 6 girls and 4 boys. 2 are black boys, 2 black girls, 4 liver girls and 2 liver boys. We had 8 bilateral and 2 uni-lateral.
9 out of the 10 pups became Champions!


Ch Daisydot Checkered Flag
  Ch Daisydot Pedal to the Metal

Puppies 7 Week Pictures!

Ch Daisydot Boss Cobra Jet
Ch Odyssey Four On The Floor by Daisydot

Puppies Pedigree!

Ch Daisydot Dixie Chick by Roundhill
Ch Rashar's Rebecca @
  Ch Excaliber Gold Mercedes
  Ch Daisydot Brown Derby
  Ch Daisydot Gulliver Travel

BIS BISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot x CH Daisydot Cool Crimson


Jack and Siren had 4 baby's. The litter theme is about school since Siren's mom, Marnell, is a school Teacher. We have in birth order Auburn, Brown and Columbia (Black Girls) and Duke (liver male). We are thrilled to announce all pup's are bi-lateral hearing!!!!!This litter was born in 2002.

Puppies 7 week Pictures

 Ch. Daisydot Ivy League
 Ch. Daisydot Prom Queen

Puppies Pedigree

Daisydot Teacher's Pet

BIS BISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot x CH Daisydot N Lilrue Ruff Stuff


Elli and Jack had pups on Valentines Day 2001. We had 12 pups. 1 girl and 11 boys. Because it was such a large litter Elli had a C-section. We lost two boys early on. The color break downs are as follows 1 liver girl, 2 liver boys, 7 black boys.
Elli is a specialty winner winning WB at Mt Hood Specialty (in conjuction with the 1996 national) . Elli is a flashy, happy bitch who loves everyone she meets.

Puppies 8 week Pictures

Ch Bret D Daisydot Ardent Desire
Ch Lilrue Daisydot Hearts A Fire

Puppies Pedigree

Ch Lilrue Daisydot Loverboy

BIS BISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot x BISS CH Daisydot Snow In Summer


The pup's were born on 12/18/2000. And there litter names and birth order are Blitzen (black boy), Comet (liver boy), Cupid (patch liver girl) Dancer (Black boy) and last but not least Dasher (black girl). Even though the litter names are Santa's reindeer...our Summer is looking sizzling HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppies 7 week Pictures Ch Trailside's SummRWind by Daisydot
Ch Daisydot Summer Tan Lines
Puppies 9 week Pictures Ch Daisydot Summer In Kokomo
Ch Daisydot Summer Wind Chime
Puppies Pedigree  

BIS BISS CH Tuckaway Winged Foot x GCH Dotzink NspirD Hit Me with UR Best Spot


Patti had Jack pups via Frozen Semen on 12/13/2010. We had 5 total pups. 2 black girls and 3 boys (2 black) and (1 Liver). No Patchs - No Blue eyes. It was an easy delivery for Patti and she was a great mother.
Patti is now a GCH and attained that title with ease.

Puppies 7 week Pictures

 Ch. NspirD Heat of the Moment "Blaze"
 Ch. NspirD Be-Bop A Lula "Vinnie"

Puppies Pedigree

 Ch. NspirD M V Me Bad Leroy Brown "Chocolate"
 NspirD Shooting Star " "Zoe""

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Marlin x Olivia; Jag x Belle; Ziggy x Koko; Becky x Buster; Maddie x Kiko

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